Hope is what drives us.

There is a future we can achieve
by choosing to take action.
To have determination. To speak out. To take initiative.
No matter the time,
or the circumstances.
To harbor hope, and to continue moving forward.
KANEBO believes this is our mission.




KANEBO is committed to sincerely supporting our customers and society
through a variety of initiatives geared towards a future full of hope for everyone.


Pink Ribbon

For a future full of hope

KANEBO supports the Pink Ribbon initiative, which promotes the importance of early detection and early treatment of breast cancer. Since 2017 we have partnered with the accredited NPO Japan Society of Breast Health on campaigns to raise awareness. We engage in a wide variety of activities, including distributing pamphlets on how to do a breast self-exam and contributing to related organizations.

* This is the initiative in Japan in partnership with the local NPO. Details may differ by region.


Universal design

A comfortable experience from the beginning to the end

KANEBO products are created based on universal design, a concept that promotes usability and ease of understanding. For example, the KANEBO CUSTOM COMPACT features a customizable palette layout to accommodate factors such as different hand dominance and frequency of use, making it user-friendly for everyone.

* An example of KANEBO CUSTOM COMPACT containing KANEBO EYE COLOR DUO (03, 05, 11).


No animal testing

Promoting coexistence with all life

KANEBO develops all the products without animal testing*, and has no plans to introduce this testing in the future. We are committed to product safety, which we pursue during development by following our internal Safety Standards and utilizing our extensive record of safety data.

* Excluding rare cases, such as when it is necessary to publicly demonstrate safety or when required by certain national or regional governments.


Gender-inclusive products

For a world where everyone can celebrate their own uniqueness

KANEBO strives to create products that go beyond gender boundaries. For example, KANEBO SCRUBBING MUD WASH is a skincare item that offers a clean, refreshed feeling designed to be enjoyed by both women and men.


Recycled paper and FSC®︎ certified materials*1

Utilizing recycled resources

Working towards a world where we coexist with nature, KANEBO utilizes eco-conscious materials*2 for product packaging. Some paper packaging and bags are made of using sustainable materials such as pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled paper, or FSC®︎ certified materials*1 (FSC®︎N002281). We are also taking proactive steps towards a recycling-oriented society, such as reducing plastic wrapping and utilizing recycled resources.


*1 FSC is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.
*2 Please be aware that these types of paper packaging may be more easily torn or soiled, but this does not affect product quality.

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