A Night Cream by KANEBO
Nurture Your Beauty into a Masterpiece

Today, and into the future.
Your skin never sleeps, it renews at night.

Skin continues to regenerate during the night.
In the slow, gentle flow of time,
Its beauty grows from today into the future.
Yes, your skin has been growing more beautiful since you were in your mother's womb.


Your mother’s womb.
This is where the story begins.


It is a natural cream that covers the delicate skin of a newborn baby.
At birth, a baby leaves the protected environment of amniotic fluid and becomes exposed to air.
Vernix is produced while the baby is in the womb to protect its skin from such drastic environmental change.
Vernix is the first skin protective veil we are all born with.

It gently protects newborn skin and keeps moisturizing it.
Vernix is the very first gift from your mother.


The first gift from your mother.
It’s the beauty secret.

We, Kanebo Cosmetics, found a large difference between the lipid compositions of vernix and adult sebum.
We were sure that this was the key to the secret of beauty.

Being inspired by the moisturizing and skin protection capabilities of vernix, we developed our unique Baby-Soft Oil Formulation.*1

Cream containing a generous amount of moisturizing ingredients glides on effortlessly and blends with skin.
It seals abundant moisture in the skin.  
This cream inspired by vernix gently protects the skin and keeps it hydrated.


Night is a special time
to nurture your five senses.

Dark silent sky.

Remembering the time when you were in your mother’s womb.
Night is a special time to hone and nurture your five senses.
Close your eyes. Calm yourself down. Take a deep breath.
Let yourself follow the rhythm of your beauty. You might notice the tension in your face has been melted away.
And then…?

Touch your skin. Feel your skin.
It’s time to nurture your beauty.
Feeling the rhythm of your beauty, give your skin what it needs when it needs for a more vivified you.
This is the time for the night cream inspired by Chrono Beauty*2 concept.

Pamper your skin after a rough day.
Revitalize it for a new day.
Night skin needs a nightly skincare routine.  
Enjoy this pleasurable moment of becoming more and more beautiful for tomorrow and future.   


Embrace your skin feeling
its comfortable texture.  

You may find your skin supple and moisturized, or slightly rough and dry.  
Actually, you can sense your skin more sensitively using your hands, rather than your eyes.
Time flows very slowly at night, your hands can sense your skin more finely.
That's why a cream that spreads effortlessly with a texture that delights your senses is suitable for a nightly skincare routine. 

Feel how smoothly and effortlessly the cream glides on.
Delight in the discovery of moisture and suppleness of your skin.

Experience the “two phased texture” almost merges with your skin to embrace your beauty.
The communication close relationship between the skin and hands creates a positive upward spiral of beauty.
This will nurture your tender love for your skin, and yourself.
Here is another secret to enhance your beauty.


Reminiscent of Night Velvet Bouquet.
Dream about beauty for tomorrow.

The sense of smell has the power to call up memories.
The memory of your favorite night fragrance will nurture your sense of beauty.

With Teatopia base note of refreshing and charming tea flowers, a floral and woody blend of rose and sandalwood creates a relaxing mood.
The fragrance reminiscent of velvet gently envelops you amid the quiet of the night, bringing you a peaceful comforting moment before sleep.

Let yourself be enveloped in the fragrance reminiscent of velvet.
Dream about beauty for tomorrow.


Night Embraces Your Beauty.
Nurture Your Beauty into a Masterpiece.  

*1 A cream formulation developed by Kanebo Cosmetics in 1995, after being inspired by vernix, a cream like substance that gently envelopes delicate skin of newborn babies.
*2 To provide skincare treatment at the optimal time, feeling the rhythm of beauty.




A night cream with a relaxing fragrance and soft texture.

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