Recapture your skin’s youth.
Irresistible plumpness in 4 weeks.

This anti-aging* serum combined with the latest technology, significantly improves wrinkles in just 4 weeks.
Through its multidimensional approach, the targeted age-defying* serum leads your skin to a smoother, more plumped, youthful look.

* Age-appropriate skincare offering moisture and suppleness.


Dermatologically tested

Product Features

Specific targeted skincare treatment for around the eyes, mouth and forehead providing smoothing, firming effects for a defined, youthful look.

Baby-Soft Oil Formulation

KANEBO’s Baby-Soft Oil Formulation, inspired by the veil of a newborn baby, is formulated to protect your skin’s moisture. It fits to the areas of concern and locks in the moisture for 12 hours continuous hydration, with firmness.


Over 80% of people felt that visible lines began to improve in smoothness and plumpness in 4 weeks.*

* Source: Kanebo Cosmetic research, Self-evaluation Home Use Prototype Test in Japan, N=50 Age from 30s to 50s. Total respondents of Agree + Somewhat Agree.


With Teatopia base notes of refreshing tea flowers, a glamorous floral fragrance evoking flowers and fruit envelops you, making skincare time feel comfortable and rewarding.

Ingredients Inspired by the Wisdom of Nature


Botanical Complex WL

[ HA Moisture Lift Complex ]
Methylserine, Sanguisorba extract

Rice bran extract, Geranium robertianum extract, Moon peach leaf extract, Sweet tea extract, Mallow flower extract, Bitter orange peel extract, Althaea root extract

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