Recommended usage

As the last step of skincare routine (for the morning skincare, before sunscreen or makeup base),take an appropriate amount onto your fingertips and apply to any areas concerned with wrinkles, such as around eyes, mouth, forehead, and neck.
・The recommended amount for the area around one eye is 5mm in diameter (approx. 0.05mL).
・The recommended amount for the neck is six-fold the amount above (approx. 0.05ml, diameter approx. 5mm).

Usage example

【Around the eyes】

  • serum-01

    Gently apply from the upper eyelid to the lower eyelid.

  • serum-02

    Below the eyes, spread from the inner corner of the eyes toward the temples.

  • serum-03

    First, use one hand to gently lift your temple. Then apply product as though lifting up the corner of the eyes.

【Around the mouth】

  • serum-04

    Apply from below the nose toward below the cheekbones. Apply from below the lips as though lifting the corners of the mouth.


  • serum-05

    Apply as though lifting the forehead.

  • serum-06

    Apply with a rotational motion as though drawing circles.


  • serum-07

    On the neck, gently rub downward toward the chest.