High UV protection serum with continuous moisturization.
Recharges your skin with moisture for 12 hours.

This serum, composed of around 75% water-based ingredients, forms a fresh water veil.
It continuously creates optimal moisture conditions for the skin during the daytime
and protects skin from dryness due to intense UV rays.

1 type 40g SPF50 / PA+++

Containing about 75% water-based ingredients, it constantly moisturizes the skin and creates optimal moisturizing conditions to protect skin from dryness for 12 hours.

A refreshing water veil comfortably envelops the skin.
Serving as a day mask, the serum keeps skin moisturized and smooth until evening.

Offers high UV protection with SPF50, PA+++.

Imparts a vibrant sheen to skin.

It can also be used as a makeup base to prevent dryness and makeup smudges.





Lamellar UV protection with lasting hydration

With its lamellar structure of overlapping layers of oil and water, the formulation contains about 75% water-based ingredients and forms a water veil that is up to about 10 times thicker* than existing products.
The veil continuously delivers water-based ingredients to the skin for 12 hours.
It also provides highly effective UV protection and a comfortable feeling on the skin.

  • *

    Compared to existing KANEBO products without the continuously moisturizing lamellar UV protection formulation

The refreshing water veil prevents UV rays and continuously moisturizes skin for 12 hours.




Keeps skin moisturized for 12 hours with a hydrating mask effect This formulation contains about 75% water-based ingredients, and its lamellar structure enables it to form a refreshing aqueous membrane that is up to about 10 times* thicker than existing products. The serum continuously moisturizes the skin during the daytime, using its mask effect to keep skin hydrated until evening. It also prevents damage from dryness caused by UV rays. *Compared to existing KANEBO products without the continuously moisturizing lamellar UV protection formula


Cross-section image of membrane immediately after application

Combines a high level of UV protection with a feeling of comfort The improved dispersion of UV absorbing agents in the serum means that even a small amount can achieve a high level of UV protection. Also, the serum does not contain UV scattering agents, that may leave a white residue on skin, therefore it blends with the skin comfortably.





Protects against skin concerns such as sunburn and dryness,
which are caused by dryness and UV rays.




・Tea Extract ・Bilberry Leaf Extract ・Sodium Hyaluronate ・Althaea Root Extract




A fresh, floral fragrance based on the refreshing greenery and flowers of early morning, accented with “Teatopia” tea flowers.

How to Use

  • As the last step of your morning skincare routine, add an amount about 1 cm in diameter (approx. 0.5 g) onto your hand and carefully apply to your entire face.
  • Can also be used as a makeup base.

  • Apply a sufficient quantity evenly over the skin, making sure that there are no bare parts. Reducing the quantity of application will lower the level of protection against UV rays significantly.

  • Re-apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after toweling.

  • Wash thoroughly with a face wash or similar to remove. When using the product as a makeup base and applying foundation, thoroughly wash with a makeup remover.

  • In case of contacting with clothes, wash it immediately with detergent. Avoid washing with chlorinated bleach since the color of the contact surface can get altered to or pick other colors.

The SPF value indicates the protection factor against UV-B waves, while PA categories show the protective effect against UV-A waves.
SPF value and PA categories are measured by applying 2 mg per 1 cm² based on international standards. Please take this information into consideration when selecting a product.

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