Create a lifted smile with a highly adhesive sheet mask.
Bring firmness and luster to your skin for a dramatic look.

This sheet mask adheres closely and tightens up your jawline.
It adds radiance and bounce to skin, creating a smiling impression.

1 type 33mL x 4 sheets

Adheres to the entire face tightly.
Two lifters pull up the corners of the mouth, cheeks, and jawline toward the temples, creating an impression of a smile.

During about 10 minutes of use, this sheet mask, saturated with concentrated serum that adheres tightly and follows the movement of the skin, does not easily loosen, slide, or peel off.

The indulgent mask experience brings a delightful smile, leaving your skin hydrated, plump, and firm with beautiful radiance.


Sheet Mask Design

Creates the shape of a smile with the Cheek and Jawline Lifters

[Upper Part of the Sheet]

  • Fits the forehead area without covering the hairline, and does not loosen or sag easily.

  • With slits in the cheek area, fits any face shape and also adheres to the eye area.

[Cheek Lifter]

  • With carefully designed slit angle and lifter width, lifts up the entire cheek area from the corners of the mouth and holds it in place.

[Jawline Lifter]

  • Lifts up along the jawline and fits tightly.

  • Overlaps with the Cheek Lifter at the temple and stays in place without loosening easily.


How to Use

Apply after toning the skin with ON SKIN ESSENCE V/F or other lotions.


Adhesion Conforming Concentrated Serum

A thick formulation that fills in gaps between the mask and the skin while providing fluidity.
Adheres to the skin and follows its movement to keep the mask from loosening or sagging.
With the highly adhesive sheet, helps the mask stay in place for about 10 minutes even if you move around with the mask on.


・Mallow Flower Extract
・Moon Peach Leaf Extract
・Rice Bran Extract


A fruity floral fragrance that blends lily of the valley, rose, and elegant jasmine accented with “Teatopia” tea flower.

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