Unleash your skin’s brightening power for the luminescent sphere.

This brightening serum approaches not only dark spots and uneven skin tone, but an overall sphere of your complexion.
While fading the look of dark spots, it makes your skin look brighter and more refined for a luminescent glow from within.

1 type 50mL

1 type 50mL

Developed with triple technology, it helps to improve overall skin complexion, leading your skin to appear bright and illuminated.

  1. Protection: Protects from oxidants* caused byexternal factors such as UV rays, and advanced glycation end products* which cause skin's dullness. 
  2. Control: Controls the signals to melanocyte* and inhibits the excess melanin production.
  3. Renewal: Renews skin cells and discharges the excess melanin, while promoting skin metabolism. 

  • *

    In vitro tested.

Prevents from dryness and keeps healthy moisturized skin to promote bright complexion.

Special oil with high luminance is blended for glowing skin after application.


lngredients lnspired by the Wisdom of Nature

・Chamomilla ET

llluminate Botanical Complex

・Balance Clear C [Elder Flower Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, Clove Flower Extract]
・Sage Leaf Extract


A floral fruity fragrance that blends lily of the valley and rose, accented with “Teatopia” tea flower.

How to Use

  • When using the product for the first time, pump a few time until product starts to come out.
  • After use of KANEBO ON SKIN ESSENCE V/F or similar, use your hands to apply over your entire face.

  • Recommended amount of use is 2 pumps (approx. 0.4 mL).

Precautions for refilling:

  • Do not discard the cap and pump of the emptied container as they will be reused.

  • To maintain the quality of the product, do not use pumps other than for KANEBO ILLUMINATING SERUM.

  • Do not transfer the content left over in the used container into the refill.

  • For reasons of hygiene, do not wash the pump and use as is.

  • When inserting the pump into the refill container, make sure no content is left around the opening. If this happens, wipe it clean with tissues or similar.

How to refill:

  • Hold the lower part of the pump attached to the emptied container, then turn it to the arrow direction and remove it.

  • Open the cap of the refill container, and insert the pump, then close the pump and the cap tightly.

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