Refresh your skin with every wash to reveal the beauty within.

Combining two unique powders, this face wash utilizes enzymes* and moisturizing ingredients to gently remove impurities
while leaving skin feeling clean, refreshed yet soft and smooth.

*Cleansing ingredients

1 type 0.4g x 32 capsules

The white powder breaks down impurities in pores and removes excess sebum and dirt, while the pink powder contains moisturizing ingredients that leave the skin feeling smooth.

A gentle, comfortable lather removes blackheads, impurities, and dead skin cells from pores. Each use leads to cleaner and smoother skin with less visible pores for better makeup application.

Contains Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, a taurine-inspired cleansing ingredient that is similar in composition to amino acids.


A combination of white and
pink powders
for cleansed and
smooth skin


White powder: Contains enzymes and amino acid-based cleansing ingredients

  • Proteolytic enzyme:
  • Lipolytic enzyme: Lipase
  • Taurine-inspired cleansing ingredient: Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate

Pink powder:
Moisturizing ingredients

  • Rose Hip Extract
  • Apricot Extract




A fruity floral fragrance that blends lily of the valley, rose, and gardenia accented with "Teatopia" tea flower.

How to Use

  • First, wet your face and hands, then take the recommended amount of powder (1 capsule for 1 usage) on the palm of your hand. Work into a lather using a small amount of cold or lukewarm water, then apply to your face.
  • Wash gently in a circular motion, not letting your hands touch your face directly, and then rinse off.

  • When opening, pinch either one of the tips of the seal and peel it off.

  • Available for daily use. Use in accordance with your skin condition.

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