The four-layer cotton pad removes impurities gently and thoroughly as desired.

Large-sized cotton pad that is durable for pilling and clumping resistance,
yet is gentle on the skin. Offers versatile uses.

1 type 100 pcs.

Use the four layers together or separately for moisturizing care, wipe-off care, or special care.

The finely textured cotton removes impurities thoroughly and efficiently with its entire surface, while feeling gentle on the skin.

Soft feel, yet durable to resist pilling and clumping.

Large enough for both facial and body care uses.

What we can do for the future




Tohoku Cotton Project
The Tohoku Cotton Project aims to promote recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake through agriculture.
It cultivates cotton in fields that have become unfit for rice cultivation due to the tsunami, in addition to spinning, merchandising, and selling the cotton. KANEBO supports this project through 4 LAYERING COTTON.

  • Reuses fine cotton fibers that are not turned into yarn and would normally be discarded.
  • Cotton biodegradability has been confirmed in soil and seawater.
  • Contains non-absorbent cotton that uses reduced amount of chemicals such as bleach in its manufacturing process.
  • Use of biomass ink


Product packaging uses ink containing plant-derived ingredients. The Biomass Mark (certification mark in Japan) is granted to environmentally friendly products made from resources of biological origin and conform to quality and relevant laws, standards, and specifications.

How to Use

  • Can be separated into 4 layers to use for a face mask.

When used for wiping:

  • When the top layer gets dirty, just peel it off to reveal a new layer.

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