5R color

A range of lipsticks’ colors that blend well with the skin are being developed, centered in 5R color.


01 Smart Red
Sophisticated and elegant red.

02 Warm Coral
Plumped, soft and fresh coral look.

03 Vibrant  Red
Lively bright red with fresh intensity.

04 Flores Pink
Bright plum pink inspired by the flower petals.

05 Fuchsia Rose
Enhances your skin beauty with brilliant rose.

06 Smoky Red
Subdued red that easily blends to the skin tone. 

07 Cameo Rose
Sophisticated and elegant neutral rose.

08 Rosy Red
Gentle red fits every skin tone with an elegant finish.

09 Burgundy Brown
Chic velvety brown finish with depth.

10 Spicy Red
Lustrous vibrant red accentuates your lips with clarity.