A “translucent shadow” melts onto the skin for a beautifully sculpted look.

This face color naturally accentuates the shape of the face with a shade color and exquisite translucent texture.

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01 Gimmick Taupe
A taupe color with a warm gray-beige hue that applies translucently,
for a subtle shade color that blends with the skin tone and texture.

How to use

After wearing foundation, apply SHADOW ON FACE directly to the contours of the face, sides of the nose bridge, eyelids, and other areas where you want to create a shadow, and then blend it with your finger. It can also be used on skin that has been prepped with skincare items or a primer.


Apply to the contours of the face, sides of the nose bridge, and hairline.


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“Translucent shadow” color and texture designed to create a shade color that emulates the skin.

  • Foundation is usually made with red, yellow, black, and white pigments.
    By not using white, this face color creates translucent shadows that blend well without covering the skin tone.
  • It has a soft matte texture that blends with the entire face without hiding the presence of shadows.

The “translucent shadow” combines a shade color with translucency that blends in with the skin to accentuate the face shape for a naturally sculpted look.

Translucent coloring blends with the skin tone to create shadows.

The smooth texture blends seamlessly onto the skin for a sleek finish without a sticky feel.

Face color in a slim (9 mm) retractable tube for precise application.

Can be used not only for shading but also as an eyeshadow base.

Formulated with 5R Nuance Pearl, it blends well with the skin and gives a natural yet impressive finish.

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