Dynamic and beautiful.
A mesmerizing impact through visual trickery.

Achieves a voluminous yet natural look with less clumps in just one stroke.
The visual trick gives the impression of eyelash extensions for thicker, denser, smoother, and more beautiful eyelashes.

1 colors


MV1 Intense Black
A glossy jet-black color imbued with the dimensionality of 5R.

New*1 technology

[KATANA*2-shaped fiber brush]

KATANA-shaped fiber brush that mimics the sharp, curved point of a sword


  • The liquid pocket at the tip holds the mascara fluid and applies it smoothly all the way from root to tip.
  • The narrow, sharp point of the fiber lifts and combs lashes for a natural looking curl and a clean finish with less clumps.

  • *

    1 Among Kanebo Cosmetics

  • *
    2 A Japanese traditional sword with a curved,
     single-edged blade

The large, thick KATANA-shaped fiber brush holds plenty of liquid and applies it smoothly to each lash while also lifting and curling, achieving powerful volume with a natural, clean finish for strikingly beautiful eyes.

The waterproof type is resistant to sweat and water.

Contains olive oil for beautiful eyelashes.

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