KANEBO Porcelain Skin Technique

1. Take an appropriate amount of cream/liquid foundation with FOUNDATION BRUSH.
    (Lightly touch with the tip of the bristles.)

Use the spatula, take a scoop of the foundation and spread it on the back of your hand.

Apply the foundation (A) to your right cheek, the foundation(B) to your left cheek, and then the rest amount (C) to forehead, nose, around the lip, chin and around the eyes.

2. Polish the foundation by sweeping outwards and upwards to lift up from the bottom.

Make sure that the side of short bristles should be always in the direction of forward movement.
Hold the brush upright to fit well around the nostrils.

Sweep carefully around the eyes by fitting the brush to the skin well.
Lift your skin up by the other hand if the fine lines are concerned.

3. Conceal imperfection to finish.

Put gently on areas you want more coverage for a flawlessly even finish.