For you and your loved ones.
During this campaign, beauty counsellors at KANEBO Counters wear pink ribbon badges and promote the campaign.

KANEBO Pink Ribbon Product



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Make breast self-exam a health habit once a month.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide.
It has a high recovery rate if detected and treated in the early stages.
To detect breast cancer as early as possible, routines of self-exam and regular screening are important health habit to acquire.

Let's start breast self-exam from today!
Use KANEBO BODY LIPID WEAR for your breast self-exam.


Stand in front of a mirror.
Put your arms behind your head,
and then press down your hands on your hips.
Check the entire breast from the collarbone to the armpit.


  • Do a self-exam about a week after your period begins,
    when swelling or pain in your breasts is gone.
  • If you are not menstruating, you can pick a certain day of the month.
  • Keep a record of the state of your breast and changes in your body in a notebook.


Apply body wash's lather, oil or serum.
Move around the breast in a dime-sized circular motion using all the fingers.
(Use the right hand for the left breast and the left hand for the right breast.)


  • If you notice a change, visit a specialized medical institution immediately.
  • Take regular breast cancer screening every two years after you turn 40.
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