Have you ever felt dry on your skin in the daytime?
KANEBO research revealed that very few people feel their skin to be moisturized during the day.
Sleep, wake up, be active, and then sleep again.
Skincare at the proper time, morning and night, while feeling the changes in your skin.
Chrono Beauty* focuses on changes in the skin and mind, providing the optimal care just when you need it.

* To provide skincare treatment at the optimal time, feeling the rhythm of beauty.

Two new creams, day and night

The day and night creams use Baby-Soft Oil Formulation*, which has high moisture-holding ability and affinity to the skin. A refreshing yet rich veil of moisture melts onto your skin as though becoming one with it, protecting your skin moisture.

* A cream formulation developed by Kanebo Cosmetics in 1995, after receiving inspiration from vernix, the creamy substance that gently covers the delicate skin of new born babies. 

Provides plenty of moisture day and night

This serum is recommended to be applied before any moisturizers, providing rich moisture. It helps to realize smooth and beautiful skin.