Every skin is never stable and fluctuates all the time. It is sometimes in a good condition and sometimes not.
Feeling the change of your beauty rhythm, choose your ideal tuning items for your skincare.
KANEBO Chrono Beauty gently cuddles you throughout your beauty life.

Daily Rhythm

Tune your skin during a single day.

Sleep, wake up, be active, and then sleep again.
Have you ever felt changes in your skin during a day?
Skincare at the proper time, morning and night, while feeling the changes in your skin.

Two creams, day and night.

The day and night creams use Baby-Soft Oil Formulation*, which has high moisture-holding ability and affinity to the skin. A refreshing yet rich veil of moisture melts onto your skin as though becoming one with it, protecting your skin moisture.

* A cream formulation developed by Kanebo Cosmetics in 1995, after receiving inspiration from vernix, the creamy substance that gently covers the delicate skin of new born babies. 

Monthly Rhythm

Yearly Rhythm

Lifelong Rhythm

Beautiful at any age.

Your skin changes greatly time after time and KANEBO focuses on enhancing your natural beauty at any age.
People around 20s are mainly concerned about pore related problems.
When they turn 30 and more, fine lines and less elastic skin become more visible .
In 50s and beyond, most people see the deeper wrinkles and sagging.
Imagine if you are a cherry blossom tree, you open up more buds and become fully blooming as you age.
You finally turn into the woman you wish to be, like the process of bearing fruit.

* Age-appropriate skincare offering moisture and suppleness.