Coat your lips with fluctuating shades, dewy gloss and long-lasting color.

This lip coat applies a luxuriant veil of moisture for suppleness. Giving lips vivid color and a sheer finish,
it can be worn by itself or on top of lipstick for a serendipitous encounter with unexpected shades of color.

4 colors (limited edition)

Four serendipity colors: Make a chance discovery of colors unique to you

Serendipity: Encountering pleasant coincidences and making unexpected discoveries


NEWLimited edition
EXL1 That’s Life
– Be open minded and strong! –
Deep red color that imparts intensity and translucent freshness, exuding confidence from within.


NEWLimited edition
EXL2 Piece of Cake
– Take it easy! –
Melty orange color inspired by persimmon fruit’s calm orange color, combined with a honey-like texture for a light accent.


NEWLimited edition
EXL3 Be the Change
– Take initiative! –
Vintage mauve color that fuses deep blue with a healthy complexion color. See it change into your own unique beautiful color.


NEWLimited edition
EXL4 Time to Shred
– Come out of your shell! –
Copper brown color that has incorporated your reddish hue to a gold brown color with shimmering pearls, adding a touch of glamor and excitement.

[Neo Tint Technology] (EXL1, EXL2)

Tint ingredients produce color before application and reproduce the same color on the lips. A thin coat can achieve both transparency and bright coloring.

Kanebo’s sheer lip gloss


Due to low pigment content, the lips look more transparent than colored.

Kanebo’s bright color liquid lipstick


Due to high pigment content, the bright color in the container is reproduced on the lips.

Neo Tint Technology


Due to color production before application, a thin coat can achieve both bright color and transparency.

All are conceptual images

[Tint Technology] (EXL3, EXL4)

Tint ingredients produce color after application and change color based on the amount of moisture of the lips, generating your own unique colors.

A moisturizing veil gently envelops the lips for a translucent and plump finish.

Tint-type coat ensures vivid and long-lasting beautiful color.

Use alone or over lipstick.

Contains a generous mix of hyaluronic acid, squalane, and jojoba oil to keep lips hydrated.

Formulated with 5R Red Nuance Powder. Glides on smoothly to create sumptuous lips that flatter your skin tone. (EXL1 and EXL4)

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