5R color

The 5R nuance color blends in with any skin tone and enhances your complexion.


01 Love always
Charming pink that naturally attracts everyone with purityof love.

02 I'm with you
Soft pink that gently embraces you with light and color.

03 Feel relaxed
Coral pink reminiscent of a warm sunny place stays beside you.

04 Shining future
Blissful pink that vivifies you toward a shining future.

05 Treat myself
Tender soft red that harmonizes with your skin tone and highlights your charm.

06 Keep going
Intellectual mauve red that refines your look in a relaxing mood.

07 Special thanks
Enchanting sophisticated rose accentuates elegance. For your special loved one.

08 Get the chance
Bold rosy red enlivens your look with glamorous flair.

09 Let’s groove
Energizing orange red that invigorates you with freshness.

10 My hero
Clear red that uplifts your mood with confidence.