Iridescent gradation layers add touches of shading.
Revamp your eye makeup for an irresistible, eye-catching look.

3 types

*Refill (compact and applicators sold separately)

Layers of color and texture create contrast between transience and strength inspired by nature with all of its manifestations and changes.



01 Aesthetic Sky
Crisp, neutral nuance color gradation inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the sky.



02 Visionary Nude
Nude color gradation inspired by geological layer landscapes.



03 Russet Brown
Brown color gradation with red hues that harbors the strength of the earth.

Layer effortlessly and boldly.
The complex interplay of color and glow adds depth and dimension with every layer,
updating your facial expression and creating glamorous, captivating eyes.


1 : Use the wide brush to apply A to the whole eyelid.
2 : Apply C to the eyehole with the wide tip, and to one-third of the bottom lid from the corner of the eyes with the narrow tip.
3 : Use the narrow tip or narrow brush to apply D like an eyeliner and blend it with C into crease.
4 : Apply B with the wide tip or your fingers from the center of the upper lid to the whole lid. Apply with your fingers for a better fit.


Four-color set that accentuate depth and dimension through layering and blending seamlessly.




A : Smooth Color
Creates a smooth finish with a soft texture that blends into skin.

B : Radiate Color
Enchanting, iridescent color that changes with your gaze and facial expression.

C : Designing Color
Adds natural shading to achieve sculpted eyes.

D : Shade Color
Adds depth and dimension to further define the eyes.

You can use an applicator or your fingers. Layer however you desire.

Layers of shades add depth
and dimension for a confident look.

Shades remain vibrant even if layered.

Formulated with 5R color that makes skin look more beautiful, this eyeshadow adds vivid coloring while blending with any skin tone.

How to create your CUSTOM COMPACT R


  • Hold the refill pan with your fingers on both sides and remove.

  • Align the tops of the refill pan and the compact (1),
    then use the pads of your fingers to press down on the pan’s edge nearest to you until it clicks (2).

  • To remove the refill from the compact, lift up the pan’s edge nearest to you with the pads of your fingers.

All pictures are images of finishes.

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