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Unleash your creativity with your own color.

Apply, layer and mix colors however you like as if painting a picture.
These cream-type multicolored paints let you create your own image. For use as an accent, for a bold finish.

3 colors (limited edition)

Cream-type paints in multiple colors to accentuate your lips, eyes and face.

・ As cheeks
・ As an eyeshadow or eyeshadow base
・ As a rouge or lip primer

Gives you flexible control over how thickly
the color is applied, just as when painting with oils.

Creates a soft, dewy finish that blends
well with your skin.

Brings out your own color,
luster and shimmer.

Features a soft, moist texture that melts
into the skin and adheres closely.

Formulated with 5R Compound Base,
ensures any color blends seamlessly with your skin for a dramatic finish.

As cheeks


01 Air Beige

Melts on to add shine and blush to your cheeks.

As an eyeshadow or eyeshadow base


02 Glam Gold

Wet and shiny looking, it gives you flexible control of the thickness.
Gives clear coloring to subsequently applied powder eyeshadow, and increase adhesion.

As a rouge or lip primer


03 Bloody Red


02 Glam Gold / 03 Bloody Red

Get a luscious, deep finish, or add layer on top to spice
up your finished look.


01 Air Beige (limited edition)
The color and texture caress your skin, blending softly into your facial expression.


02 Glam Gold (limited edition)
Luxurious gold color that accentuates your facial expression with shimmering luster.


03 Bloody Red (limited edition)
Concentrated red interwoven with gold pearl, for a dynamic look.

All pictures are images of finishes.

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