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How to enjoy perfume as its scent changes with body temperature.

Body temperature is key to the subtle scent of perfume.

The faint scent of perfume from a woman that catches you unaware makes the woman look even more attractive and unique than usual. Did you know that perfume can exude different scents depending on the body temperature? A perfume exudes its scent when warmed with the person's body temperature and will smell differently depending on the temperature. What is
the rhythm of your body temperature? It is important to know when our body temperature is high and low, but it is not constant around the clock. Usually, our body temperature remains low when we are asleep until early in the morning, then it begins to rise in the morning and peaks at night. Taking advantage of this opportunity, know your morning and night body temperatures to enjoy perfume even more.

Apply perfume in accordance with your body temperature's rhythm.

The important thing to know about perfume is that its scent will be stronger when your body temperature is higher, and that your body temperature varies depending on the section of the body. Ankles and the back of your knees are usually low in temperature, while the back of your neck, wrists and thighs are warmer and enhance the perfume's scent. Know your body
temperature rhythm and where best to apply the perfume. Here are some tips.

Apply perfume on your thighs and waist in the morning.

From morning to noon, your body temperature is low, so apply the perfume on your thighs where the body temperature is higher than the rest of your body, or on your waist that is warmed by clothes, so that the perfume's scent disperses gently. However, your sense of smell are quite acute in the morning. If your body temperature is generally high, it would also be
quite pleasant to put the perfume on your ankles or the back of your knees to envelop your entire body with the perfume's scent.

Wrists and elbows in the afternoon.

The perfume's scent will be more pronounced in the afternoon as your body temperature begins to rise. Enjoy the perfume on your wrists or the inside of your elbow, as your body temperature is higher in these areas than the rest of your body. If your body temperature is generally low, you can apply a bit more perfume.

Shoulders and the back of your neck at night.

At night your body temperature peaks and nighttime and nighttime events are the best hours to enjoy the perfume. Apply
the perfume on the back of your neck or shoulders, as your body temperature is high in these areas and enhances the perfume's scent. It is best however, to put the perfume on your thighs or the back of your knees if you have a dinner date, to keep the scent moderate.
Another thing you may want to know to enjoy perfume is your skin condition. Perfume will not effuse its optimum fragrance if your skin is dry, and the scent will also fade quickly. Make sure to moisturize your skin thoroughly before applying the perfume * .

Enjoy perfume in various ways to help yourself shine every day.

You can enjoy perfume in many ways; you can use different perfumes in the morning and night, or differently-themed perfumes to match your clothes. You can also apply perfume on the inside of an umbrella or scent your letters. Bring in your own ideas to express yourself uniquely with perfume.

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