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Balance your body & mind.

Relax yourself and reset the day with yoga before bed.

The bedtime routine is important for your body and mind.

How do you spend the end of a day? The time before bed is important because it will let you relax and rest both physically and mentally, and also prepare you for a good night's sleep. How you spend the time before bed affects how you wake up in the morning the next day. If you had a particularly busy day or experienced a very emotional event, both your body and mind become under heavy stress. Do light exercise and release yourself from nervousness or stress.

Can't sleep? It means you are too tense.

Everyone has experienced difficulty falling asleep. This is because the sympathetic nerves continue to be active from the daytime, and the parasympathetic nerves which make you relax and sleep have not "turned on." Daytime nervousness and stress affect you physically and mentally more than you are aware of. Try moving your body a little before going to bed. You are sure to feel calm as your stiff body loosens.

Night Yoga

This is a gentle yoga sequence to relax your body and mind at night.
Wait two to three hours after finishing a meal, and move your body while making sure that you breathe deeply. Take 3 to 5 breaths per posture, ensuring that the both the inhale and exhale are of equal duration.

A bedtime routine will allow you to wake up refreshed.

Although we tend to judge the quality of sleep based on the number of hours of sleep, the best hours of sleep are different for everyone. What's more important is to wake up in the morning leaving the fatigue and emotions from the previous day behind. Practice yoga at bedtime to fully observe and take care of your body and mind, and reset the day. You will feel the effect the next morning. Start a new morning as if you were born again.

Sayaka Shibuki

Yoga Teacher/Yoga Life Advisor
Sivananda Yoga Teacher

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