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Balance your body & mind.

Laugh. Cry.
Sometimes, you need to release your emotions.

How many times did you laugh today?

When was the last time you had a moving experience that brought tears to your eyes? How many times did you laugh today? As you grow older, you often find yourself having to suppress your emotions more frequently.
Sometimes, however, you must feel like being honest with your emotions. It has been reported that positive emotions that make you laugh or move you to tears have health benefits such as releasing stress. So, laugh a lot and sometimes have a good cry to improve your physical and mental well-being.

Laughing and crying are like stretch exercises for the mind.

Everyone has had the experience of feeling refreshed after crying a lot or feeling energized after laughing hard. It is believed that such experiences are a result of stimuli to the part of the brain involving empathy. This stimulated "empathy area" increases secretion of serotonin, which is also known as a happiness hormone. Serotonin reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, and makes the brain function more actively. Laughing and crying also make it easier for you to keep calm, improving your ability to control your emotions *1.

Among various emotional responses, laughing is the easiest to try. It has been found that even fake smiles can have positive effects. Fake laughs, when repeated, eventually make the brain react to them to produce cheerful feelings. It is said people laugh much less frequently when they become adults.
If you find yourself not laughing very often recently, you may want to smile consciously even though you can only force a smile at first.

Making yourself cry may be a bit more difficult. Still, if you feel stressed out, try to create an opportunity to be moved by something and cry in a way that fits you. This may include watching classic movies and great scenes from sports matches. It has been reported that excess hormones secreted due to stress are discharged with tears brought on by moving experiences *2 and heal your soul.

Free up your emotions and enrich life.

Be it a movie or book, it is a grown-up's privilege to empathize with something or be touched by something. Also, laughing and crying will lead you to enrich your daily life.
Remember to pay attention to every little thing every day, and accumulate experiences of expressing your emotions . Make Your Life a Masterpiece.

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