Relax your body and mind.
Take your time following the rhythm of beauty.
A column just for you to make your life a masterpiece.

Balance your body & mind.

Walk with a beautiful posture.
Tone your body and refresh your mind.

Pay attention to your walking style.

Have you seen women walking down the street beautifully? Their brisk walk with a good posture and a straight back not only makes them look beautiful but also gives us the impression that they have an inner beauty and confidence. We would all like to walk like them, wouldn't we?

A brisk walk with long strides can also boost the metabolism efficiently. A higher metabolism gives you many beauty and health benefits; your skin and hair become more beautiful and healthy, and your body is less likely to become chilled, tired, or overweight *1. Why don't you take this opportunity to improve your walking style for healthy body and mind?

Posture, stride, and speed are the beauty secrets.

One of the secrets of a beautiful walking style that can express your inner beauty and confidence is posture. It is said that women often overarch their lower back in an effort to straighten their back. If you want to check your posture, stand against a wall in a way that the back of your head, shoulders, bottom, and both heels touch the wall. You have an ideal standing posture if there is a space between the wall and the lower back of the thickness of your palm *2. Keep this posture and begin to walk.

When you walk, pay attention to your stride and speed. Walk with a slightly longer stride than usual while consciously initiating the leg movement from your hips. Walking at a speed that you feel is a bit too fast increases the metabolism efficiently *3 and makes you look graceful and attractive.

For your information, below is a guide for the walking style that efficiently increases the metabolism.
■ The walking style to efficiently boost your metabolism
Stride: half of your height (about 80 cm if you are 160 cm tall)
Speed: 90 to 110 m/min (5.4 to 6.6 km/h)

Improve your walking style and refresh your mind.

We have so far focused on the walking style in terms of beauty and boosting metabolism, but walking as an aerobic exercise is also believed to make the brain more active *3. We often walk while not paying too much attention to the activity, but we can in fact expect many benefits from it just by being conscious of each step. Keep a beautiful walking style anytime, anywhere and spend every day with a refreshed body and mind.

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