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Stay cool.
Use interior design, sound, color
and fragrance to lower your
“sensory temperature”.

Feeling cool is about more than what the thermometer says – it’s also about your “sensory temperature,” the temperature your body feels.

How high does the temperature have to be for you to feel hot? Not many people will be able to answer that question easily. When we feel hot, it’s not just because of the air temperature. The temperature your body feels also depends on humidity and wind levels, and even how your senses are stimulated by color, sound and smell. So before you turn on the air conditioning this summer, take a look around you and get creative to create a natural coolness.

Sounds, colors and fragrances that feel cool.

Hotels and shops often use the sound of waves or a babbling brook as background music. These kinds of natural water or wind sounds have a tone that will make you feel cooler. We feel cooler when we listen to music with a slower tempo, fewer sounds and high pitched, clear sounds. *1
You can also incorporate coolness into interior design. Try blue-based colors to lower your sensory temperature, and work in some refreshing white or healing green *2 to make the effect even better.
Something else to make use of is fragrance. Peppermint and spearmint are two herbs that are known for their cooling effect. Add some bracing citrus *3 fragrances such as lemon or grapefruit, and you’ll feel even more refreshed.

One more trick to feeling cooler - emotional enrichment.

Different countries and regions have different ways to create coolness, from cool-to-the-touch rattan furniture from Egypt to Japanese wind chimes that make a refreshing melody. Before relying on air conditioning, innovate a little and find new ways to cool down. These great ideas won’t just help you stay cool, they’ll leave you refreshed on the inside too!

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