Relax your body and mind.
Take your time following the rhythm of beauty.
A column just for you to make your life a masterpiece.

Balance your body & mind.

Use drainage techniques
to reduce swelling.

Problems with swelling?

Ever found that your rings or shoes are feeling tight by the evening? This is something that everybody experiences. Swelling is caused by a disruption in the flow of lymph, which transports excess water and waste products to keep your body clean. These disruptions are often caused by over-hydration, or getting chilled by air conditioning. Try making drainage a part of your daily routine to encourage lymph flow and keep your facial features well-defined.

Drainage eliminates unnecessary fluid.

Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water. One important function of the lymph is removing residual water from the body to maintain this balance. Unlike blood circulation, which is created by your heartbeat, lymph flow is stimulated by the surrounding muscles. Try incorporating drainage into your beauty ritual to provide some extra stimulation to these muscles.

Start with the upper body. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart, lace your fingers together with the palms of your hands facing outward, and stretch your arms directly upward. With your arms in this position, lean your torso to the right, and then to the left for 10 seconds each. This is enough to improve lymph flow in your upper body.
Next, work on your calves, which are susceptible to water retention. Sit in a chair and slowly raise and lower your heels while pushing down on your knees with both hands. This exercise will provide a medium level of lymph stimulation for your calves, relieving swelling. *
Another significant cause of swelling is excess salt intake. Have you been eating a lot of rich foods recently? We recommend eating foods that are rich in potassium, like seaweed or avocado to balance your salt levels.

Listen to your body to keep it in peak condition.

Swelling is different for everyone and often isn’t noticeable to other people, but it’s important to take notice of small changes and not overlook them. Make this a habit for a beautiful body and a beautiful life.

Reference List

* Kato, Masatoshi. Linpa no nagare wo totonoete mukumi no nai mainichi e (Lymph Stretches for a Beautiful Body.) Tokyo: Nihon Bungei,2014.


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