Relax your body and mind.
Take your time following the rhythm of beauty.
A column just for you to make your life a masterpiece.

Balance your body & mind.

Relax your face.
Greet the new season with a natural smile.

New season brings changes to your life.

With each passing season, all kinds of things come and go. We meet new people, try things we’ve always wanted to do, or make a new start in a new place. And the environment around us changes too. New encounters bring all kinds of feelings – anticipation, excitement, nervousness and more. Each of these feelings shows on your face in its own way.
It’s important to be able to greet all of these new changes with a beautiful smile that reflects who you are.

Relax your face for a softer look.

Your brow tenses when you’re nervous, your cheeks lift when you smile and your mouth softens when you’re relaxed. These are all muscle movements caused by “mimic muscles.”*1 Mimic muscles get stiff just like your shoulder and back muscles. When something in your world changes and you feel unsure or nervous, make a conscious effort to release tension from your facial expression. By relaxing facial muscles that you aren’t usually conscious of, a natural smile will come, and you’ll even feel more positive inside.

Start by teasing out the muscles in your temple with your pointer, middle and ring fingers. Move the soft parts of your fingertips in a circular motion. *2 Next, refresh your eyes by pressing lightly on the inner corners of your eyebrows with your thumbs.*3 Your cheek muscles are also prone to stiffness – you’d be surprised how stiff they can get. Use the soft part of your fingertips to push up from just below your cheekbones, starting from the middle of your face and working outwards.*4 If you’ve been working too hard recently, you’re probably putting pressure on your molars without realizing it. Massage your face in the area between where your molars are and your ears, moving your pointer and middle fingers in a circular motion. *5 For all of these massages, it’s important to use a strength that is comfortable for you. Repeat each massage as many times as you like.

It’s all in the smile.

Finish with the most important thing about your smile – your mouth. Press gently on your laugh lines with your middle fingers, in an ironing motion. *6 Also, try opening your mouth more when you talk, smile and laugh. This is something you can do in your day-to-day life to stretch the area around your mouth. It also enriches the expressions you make with your mouth, making you seem much more vivified.
Whatever the occasion, remember to relax your face so that you can embrace each new change with a natural smile.

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