Relax your body and mind.
Take your time following the rhythm of beauty.
A column just for you to make your life a masterpiece.

Eat beautifully.

You are what you eat- and so is your skin.

What will I eat today?

So there’s the fries topped with plenty of gravy and cheese you ate on the weekend with friends, and then there’s the superfood salad you ate for lunch yesterday.Your sense of guilt is probably pretty different for each dish, but actually they are both important foods for your body.Out and about there is a lot of different food you’ll want to try, regardless of how good or bad it is for you.So, what food will you eat today?

Your body consists of tens of trillions of cells.

They say that our bodies are made up of tens of trillions of cells, which are constantly dividing and being replaced both day and night, making up “us.”The food we eat is absorbed through our stomach and intestine and into the blood, where it travels through our whole body.Your skin regeneration cycle is said to be about 28 days, but other organs and tissues have their own approximate cycles.
It’s not a simple cycle. What you ate today will not turn into your skin tomorrow. But don’t get us wrong- your body is made out of what you eat.*    

Enjoy eating a variety of food.

With this in mind, there is something we want you to watch out for. Ingesting nutrition is important, but for example, if you hear apples are good for health, you might decide just to eat apples. Is this how you eat? They say that no nutrient works as expected by itself. So even if you only eat food that is good for your body and skin, it’s difficult to get a direct effect. You get the effect of nutrients only when intaking a wide variety of vitamins and minerals together.
So while never forgetting the fact that with every bite you are creating yourself, you should also eat food that makes you happy, in moderation.

Food choices- start today.

Even so, it’s just not possible to eat the perfect balance of nutrients every day. The quickest way is to take even a small amount of time every day, and give an eye to your skin condition and how you feel, and how you feel physically and emotionally. Make choices for yourself about what to eat with who.

Today, try opting out of your usual pasta lunch with friends or colleagues, and bring your own salad. Seem like a good place to start?

Reference List

*Shimagami, Kazunori. Fair skin making the data teach - science of skin care to heal the mind. Tokyo: Chuou Shoin, 2005.


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